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Are you ready for the hard work of transforming your life?

Our work begins once a man is deemed medically stable by their PHP or detox facility.

We treat the problems an individual encounters after the alcohol and drugs are removed—restlessness, irritability, and discontentment. We admit men who are ready to immediately begin work on their recovery by learning, understanding and applying the Twelve Steps.

That said, guests must be clean and sober at the time of check in. It is imperative that guests are medically stable when they arrive so that they can immediately begin the work laid out by the Twelve Step process. We can provide referrals to appropriate detox facilities on request.


Admissions are accepted Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and must be scheduled prior to arrival.

Family members should anticipate the entire admissions process to last less than one hour.

When you arrive, you and your family will be given a tour of our campus and speak to a staff member to discuss any questions you may have.

A minimum payment of two weeks is due at check in; the reminder of the initial payment is due at the end of four weeks. Fees are then payable monthly. Financial assistance may be available to an individual and his family who are able to demonstrate need.