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A Program of Intention

We have made an important choice about the kind of recovery experience we want to provide our guests.

We believe that an intensive experience with the Twelve Steps, coupled with an individual’s willingness and commitment to work hard at his own recovery, provides a lasting and transformative recovery.

We don’t employ social workers, clinicians, counselors, or medical staff. Instead, our team of compassionate and insightful staff with diverse backgrounds and education, all share a triumph over addiction and alcoholism through the Twelve Steps. Our staff have all been through this same process that we practice, and are living proof of the efficacy of this approach.

Uniquely Qualified Staff

Our greatest asset, other than the Twelve Steps, is our staff. Our staff are experienced and insightful Twelve Step practitioners who have helped many others overcome addiction using the Steps.

All members of our staff have successfully completed the same process we practice. We are living proof of the efficacy of our approach.

The experience and insight of our staff provides the guidance and direction guests need to take the Steps and complete them effectively.

Our staff remain available to our alumni community and their families, and The Wenham House routinely opens its doors for events and gatherings, a natural extension of the feeling of community and fellowship created while the men are with us.

call us at (978) 626-0161.